park rules


1.  Entrance gate is locked between 11 pm and 6 am.

2.  Quiet hours are observed from 11 pm and 6 am.  No objectionable disturbances or unreasonable noise will be allowed at any time.

3.  Cutting, defacing or removing park property, or any plant, fossil or rock is prohibited.

4.  Pets must be kept on a leash at all times.

5.  Do not feed or harass wild animals.

6.  Alcohol is only allowed within your registered campsite.  If you are found in possession of liquor in washrooms, camp kitchens, roads, beaches, picnic or other public areas, you will be subject to prosecution under the Alberta Liquor Act.



7.  Overnight camping is only allowed in designated campground areas.

8.  A camping permit is required for all overnight camping in all campsites and for any camping units on leased lots – 1 small tent per permit will be included.

9.  Campers must register and obtain a camping permit.  Permits are non-transferable and non-refundable.

10. The permit holder is responsible for all actions of visitors and camping party members on the campsite.

11. All campsites are on a first come, first served basis except for pre-booked family reunions.

12. Only one recreational vehicle per campsite is allowed unless other arrangements have been made.

13. You may stay for a maximum of 14 consecutive days in one allotted campsite. 

If staying longer you must move to another site.

14. Visitor vehicles should be parked in designated parking areas if they plan to leave after 11pm.

15. Tents are only allowed in designated areas.

16. Check fire ban status before lighting any camp fires.  Camp fires are only allowed in the facilities provided for that purpose and ensure your fire is out before you leave.

17. If you cannot prove your camping status, you will be asked to leave.


On the Water:

18. All Persons using watercraft must comply with all federal and provincial boating and equipment regulations.

19. When taking off from, and approaching the shore, use counter clockwise rotation.

20. All Motorized vessels must yield right if way to all non-motorized water craft.

21. All vessels must yield to swimmers and water craft towing person.

22. Do not cross wakes behind boats and or skiers.

23. Be courteous to other boaters, skiers, and all other individuals using the lake.

24. Any dangerous operation of any watercraft or other unsafe conduct will be reported to the RCMP (Provost RCMP 780-753-2215).

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