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What's New?


Heritage Links Mini-Golf and Country Club 

We have tentative approval for our Heritage Links Project and we hope to initiate the project at Shorncliffe Park in 2017.

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Live Music at the Park

We continue to encourage live music events at the Park.  We've been enjoying our local talents since 2015.  Each year brings more talent and increased participation; 2016 was fun, 2017 was grand, so we are really looking forward to our 2018 season.


Do it with Class, Not Glass

"Do it with Class, Not Glass" is all about keeping broken glass off our beaches, off our playgrounds and out of our park.  We have been providing plastic beverage containers so that glass containers don't end up in the park and we have been very encouraged by the progress over the past two years. 



Shorncliffe Park Souvenirs are available at the Museum and the Concession Booth during summer season.